Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Did you Come in Alone?

What intrigues me the most about the analytical thoughts, is my memories of essay writing at School and University. Where you had to reference source material, using the Harvard technique. The implication being you’re not smart enough for original thought, which admittedly, arguably, I’m not. All ideas had to be based on sources acquired elsewhere.

I had one essay come back where I had been marked down, because I had made reference the Matrix connection to Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, without backing it up by saying somebody had written about it first. Whereas I got marked positively, for openly referencing a source, which had no connection to the essay, but made me look smart. Hobbe’s Leviathan, I believe.

One of my principle areas of thought takes me to Warren Ellis's Come in Alone. A collection of articles on Comic’s and comic writing. Having re-read it recently I was struck by how many of the points relate to Podcasting and I aim to highlight that here over the upcoming blogs, as well as looking at other areas of media study, and discussing it with Podcasters.


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