Monday, May 26, 2008

Is having a blog quaint?

I started writing this blog not knowing why. other then that was what you were meant to do.

Since that time I’ve wondered what I should blog about, should it be about my media work, well that’s fine, except in 2006, when I didn’t really do any media work.

Should it be my personal life, whilst that has always given people a laugh, I live in seemingly an American Teen drama world, of complicated interrelationships, people saying things they wouldn’t normally say, existential breakthroughs and end of season cliff-hangers. But who really wants to know about that.

And other sundry ideas.

I’ve been very interested in online media since university and have often been heard mumbling in the corner that the ‘tinterweb was the future.

And it’s that that I’m going to be talking about here. Looking at those that are already casting and blogging, and discussing with them why they do it, where they started, what they enjoy and what they hope to see happen. One of the things that I love is that once work is posted alone, if I don’t watch it then, then I can watch it much later. I have only recently found and fell in love with Four Eyed Monsters and look forward to the DVD, having missed the online screenings.

I have been a fan of blogs and pods for years now and will be discussing a few of my favourite things and trying to find out what happened to those that no longer exist online.

I hope to have conversations about Podcasting Vodcasting, Video Blogging, Webisodes and seeing what terms if any should be used, and how we can help to define them for an offline world. Looking at online content that has made it into the mainstream, and what if anything that means.

I’m based in the UK and will be looking at offline communities of online media; I also hope to discuss analytical thoughts or other people’s analytical thoughts towards these areas.

Since I’ve started developing my own Online Media site, The Chimp Presents, which I along with others will also be blogging about, I have been researching existing sites like never before and am constantly seeking new content. Though keeping up to date, as Steve Garfield once commentated, can become a part time job.

Essentially, the ideas will develop and grow and I'm looking forward to where this rambling idea will take me.


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